This lightsaber uses a burning flame as its blade

burning lightsaber Allen Pan

YouTuber Allen Pan is a crazy fellow of sorts. He showed it alright with his Thor Hammer impossible for any human, but him, to lift. He’s back with some love for Star Wars fans. Allen who runs YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced has created a lightsaber that has a burning flame as the blade. The cool firesaber, if you may, is a fun way to scare the shit out of your foe. And did I tell you, Allen uses his lightsaber as a cigarette lighter?

Burning lightsaber

The lightsaber gets its thin burning flame from nichrome (mixture of methanol and acetone fuel) ignition. The lightsaber uses butane as a propellant and has a handy valve to keep things from getting ugly. Complete with Star Wars lightsaber sound effects, Allen also uses boric acid in the contraption to create a green blade. Blue or green color? Choose the flame for yourself if you happen to try your hands at building one. Play safe!

Via: Sploid



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