Star Wars-themed fountain pens by S.T. Dupont for the fat pocketed

S.T. Dupont Limited Edition fountain pens

As a Star Wars fan this is the purple patch you want to live in. Internet is filled with virtually everything related to Star Wars in anticipation of the episode VII ‘the Force Awakens’. S.T. Dupont is also looking to give all Star Wars fans and collectors the opportunity to bring home a piece of exclusive writing instrument themed on Lightsaber or the iconic X-Wings Starfighter. Both these writing instruments are unique and only a handful will be available for purchase.

# Levitation light Saber Limited Edition

Levitation light Saber Limited Edition fountain pen-1

First up we have the S.T. Dupont Limited Edition Star Wars levitating light saber writing instrument which will be limited to only 8 pieces. As you can imagine, the writing instrument will have a levitating stand on which the Lightsaber-shaped pen rests. The levitating stand has magnets which are aligned in such a way that they give a floating effect.

It will come in two different variants, the Jedi Master Yoda which has 2 carat green colored topaz and the Sith Lord Darth Vader version which sports a red colored topaz. Both these master-pieces will be made from bronze with black lacquer and rhodium finish which is a true representation of the original Lightsaber shown in Star Wars episode IV ‘A New Hope’. The price tag of £16,625 will make you skip a beat however.

Streamline-R Star Wars X-wing Limited Edition

S.T. Dupont Streamline-R Star Wars X-wing Limited Edition_1

This is another exclusive writing instrument that’ll lure Star Wars fans and avid collectors. The silver-colored Star Wars X-wing fountain pen is made from scratch-resistant and durable material. As a fountain pen this is too cool and opens in a unique style. It will have Star Wars logo inscribed on it and if you closely look, it has Rebel Alliance symbol too.

As compared to the Lightsaber pen this one is going to come in 1977 limited edition pieces which is the date of release of the ‘Episode IV A New Hope’ movie. Streamline-R Star Wars X-wing fountain pen is priced at £1,400 which is well within range of a normal buyer.

# Streamline-R Star Tie-Fighter

S.T. Dupont Streamline-R Star Tie-Fighter

Just like the Star Wars X-wing pen this one carries its unique style and look. Made in matte black pattern, the Tie-Fighter pen is very easy to hold and write with. Barrel and cap of the pen feature Guilloched pattern which is reminiscent of the front view of a cockpit of the Tie-Fighter. This one also has the Star Wars logo and the Galactic empire symbol on the clip. Since, it bears very close design resemblance to the X-wing pen it will also come in limited edition of 1977 units. The price is going to be £1,400 which is a bit less than the X-wing and far lower than Levitation light Saber.



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