V8 engine-powered custom trike apt for Mad Max world

V8 engine powered custom trike

The vehicles featured in Mad Max: Fury Road were extreme and induced adrenaline rush as they intimidated in the post-apocalyptic era. Many around the world were inspired by their design and decided to make one for themselves, having design inspirations from the ones shown in the movie. But this trike was made even before the movie got released and I can’t believe it didn’t catch anybody’s eye. Just look at this thing, its brute power and looks unlike any three-wheeler that you’ve seen so far.

There is no information on who made it or how he did it. But we can safely assume that the man seen in this video is the maker of this threatening ride and most probably the guy who uploaded this on Youtube as Richard Charles. This thing has a Detroit Diesel V8 engine since it has four cylinders on each side and rides on three huge wheels. The custom trike has pure metal feel and it is perfect for a Mad Max world.

The thing looks extremely difficult to steer with an extra-long front section, but who the hell cares. It is extremely sexy and one you would want to ride on the streets.

Via: BoldRide



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