Prime Strap with swappable batteries boosts Apple Watch battery life

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Apple Watch doesn’t have much to show in the battery department. The smartwatch very barely lasts a day and it requires MagSafe dock to recharge, something that isn’t readily available every time you are travelling. To provide a solution to Apple Watch’s poor battery life and its charging woes, a company called Brilletark has launched Kickstarter campaign for the Prime Strap – a metal Apple Watch strap that comes with a pair of changeable batteries to boost the watch’s battery life. The Prime Strap has two 150 mAh batteries, which can be swapped as and when necessary and are good to power Apple Watch up to 1.3 times.

As the Apple Watch indicates low battery, a user can easily swap batteries on the Prime Strap and enjoy uninterrupted usage, without having to remove the watch from the wrist.

Apple Watch has a 6 pin port for charging and data transferring at the bottom of the watch. Prime Strap makes the most of this port. The strap has been designed to power the watch from its swappable batteries via this 6 pin port.

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Brilletark is seeking $30,000 on Kickstarter to bring the Prime Strap to market in July 2016. When the strap is available, it will be made in stainless steel or aluminum alloy and will measure 38mm and 42mm. On early bird offer, the strap is available for $199, it will however be retailed for $239.

The swappable batteries of the Prime Strap rest in a white Frisbee-kind device, wherein they can be charged completely in 2.5 hours. The battery charging case feature USB and AC plug for charging. The charger is also compatible with iOS lightning and ca work as a external battery pack for charging an iPhone.

Apple Watch Prime Strap with battery

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