Don’t mistake this flying R2-D2 for UFO, it’s actually a drone

R2-D2 drone

For me this is the Star Wars week with nothing else trending on the internet than lighsabers, R2-D2’s and Darth Vader. We have seen some geeky stuff in the past week and before that too; but believe you me, you won’t get to see something as cool as this. A R2D2 drone called Arturo which is built by cinematographer Don Melara. Probably one of the world’s first flying R2D2 that is not vulnerable to crashes, this Star Wars-inspired DIY needs some attention on the internet.

Even for a UAV, this is the coolest flyer you’ll ever come across. I mean, a flying R2-D2, wow you don’t get to see such stuff everyday. It looks like a clean and correct interpretation of the actual R2-D2 shown in Star Wars. It has four propellers and LED lights beneath the feet which makes it look ultra-techy while in flight, especially during night time. To complete the visual effect, there are speakers too which emit the sound of whispers or beeps.

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R2-D2 drone_1

To record what Arturo sees, it is installed with a ccd camera in the eye. Don says that it took him 8 days to complete this custom-made R2-D2 drone. This UAV has separate controls for the lights and camera which requires at-least 2 people to put forth all the tricks it has.

Apparently Arturo also made appearance at the Drone World Expo held in Los Angles.

Via: BGR



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