Wooden Millennium Falcon carved with intricate detailing by woodworking pro

Wooden Millennium Falcon by Carl Jacobson

Wooden Millennium Falcon by Carl Jacobson

Every now and then we come across DIY projects which deserve all the appreciation. This one is another DIY project that the world needs to see. A Star Wars Millennium Falcon replica carved from raw wood. Carl Jacobson, a woodworking pro who learned the art from his grandfather decided to go with what’s trending on the internet and made an extremely detailed scaled model of the iconic spaceship of the series. This is one of the best handmade Millennium Falcon you’ll see for its sheer detailing.

As you can see from the video above, Carl has put considerable amount of time and his heart into making this one-off Wooden Millennium Falcon spacecraft fit for a Star Wars collector. He has used maple burl and walnut wood to create this spacecraft replica. Using Robust woodworking tools, he has given the Wooden Millennium Falcon a distinctive look which is unmatchable. Right now he has no plans to sell or auction this masterpiece, but I’m sure Star Wars collectors would want to get their hands on this piece.



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