A year-old disabled duck to get 3D printed leg in India

3D printed duck leg

After Dudley the duckling and Buttercup the duck, a one-year-old duck at the Ramakrishna Mission in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India, is receiving a 3D printed leg, which will allow the little winged beauty to walk again. The duck had become physically disabled by an accident, but now thanks to the effort by M. Veeresh and Y. Sandeep Reddy of 3Ding, the little duck is going to receive 3D printed leg, which will allow her to walk again.

Veeresh and Reddy hadn’t worked on a 3D printed limb before, so the challenge was for the taking. The duo set out at researching for a design. After reference to various such limb designs previously made across the world, the duo finalized a design that would be 3D printed from plastic ABS material. The duo finished the 3D printed leg in two hours. The leg is durable, it’s made in black and white colors and has flexible joints to allow the duck to rest and move around freely.
3Ding creates 3D printed duck leg

Talking about how 3Ding got at creating the 3D printed leg for the duck Sandeep Reddy informs,

I have a friend in Rajahmundry who told me about the condition of the duck, which lost one leg, and asked me if I can help in any way. I readily accepted and asked him to send me the dimensions and photos of the duck.

The 3D printed leg is ready to be shipped to Rajahmundry, where it will be fixed by a local veterinary doctor.

Via: TheHindu/DeccanChronicle3D printed duck leg



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