Does cricket need a high tech glow-in-the-dark ball?

Glow in the dark cricket ball by Nicholas Martino

The game of cricket has changed so much in the last decade or with ODI’s and T20’s have changed the pace of the game. The balls used in cricket have also changed with the age old red ball used in test cricket giving way for the white ball in limited overs cricket format of the game. And recently we saw the pink ball being used in third test at Adelaide in the Australia vs. New Zealand test series for better visibility during the dark hours of the day. Now sports enthusiast wants to bring high tech balls to the foray as he has developed glow-in-the-dark rechargeable cricket balls.

Nicholas Martino from Point Lonsdale has invented this world’s first ever rechargeable ball which has good potential for T-20 cricket, backyard cricket and indoor cricket as it has far better visibility. It will also come handy for training sessions which can be pushed into the less visible hours of the day. On top of that it behaves like a standard Kookaburra cricket ball made in India. The ball uses the same LED technology that is used in smartphones and televisions.

This ball charges in just 20 seconds

This ball will eliminate the need for floodlights and will be a useful inclusion to make things more interesting. Nicholas says that two such balls be used in tandem and while one is getting charged the other one will be used. The ball charges in just 20 seconds and the two balls will be used alternatively. Will the cricketing community want such a ball, only time will tell.

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