Meet ‘Min’ the robotic card dealer all set to make gambling more interesting

Min card dealer robot

Gambling is a bit hit around the world and card dealing games are most famous among gamblers. Card dealers add their own essence to the game in progress and it has been an age-old tradition in casino games like spin palace. Taking a detour from the usual card dealing ritual is this humanoid croupier called Min. Developed by Hong Kong-based gaming machine manufacturer Paradise Entertainment Ltd., the robotic card dealer is a pretty face with amazing capabilities. The robotic dealer is all set to have AI capabilities which will allow it to converse with players and even remember their names.

They have developed this robot in association with Hanson Robotics and to showcase its capabilities, Min was in action at gaming show in Macau casinos last month. The makers say that the robot will be sold in the US market where the labor cost of human card dealers is far higher than in Asian or Arab markets. Moreover this robotic card dealer will make novice players comfortable as they will be relieved from the fear of embarrassment in case they make a wrong move.

Min card dealer robot

According to Carlos Siu, an associate professor at the gaming teaching and research center of Macau Polytechnic Institute:

Asian customers are more inclined to gamble in a noisy and crowded environment, preferring to banter with dealers and fellow gamblers than sit in front of a machine that provides little or no engagement. Gamblers often slam the table and shout loudly to pump up the mood.

Min and her clones are likely to make their presence felt in Las Vegas casinos, the hub of gambling and this will be an attraction for people who specifically come to the city for trying out their luck. So far the development of this robot is headed in the right direction and probably we’ll see it in action at casinos worldwide. As for the cost, makers didn’t make any revelations so far.

Via: Bloomberg/CasinoRelease



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