Google and Ford partner to make invincible self-driving cars

Google self driving car

Google has invested a lot of time and money in their self-driving car project, and like many other automotive giants they also believe that the next decade will see a lot of autonomous vehicles on the road. Living by this belief, Google has partnered with Ford to make self-driving cars to bring automotive technology and their own self-driving software prowess together to create a vehicle which is invincible. The two will create an independent company to take forward this dream and it is most likely that they will announce more details on this at CES 2016.

# Google Ford self-driving car

Google self driving car

Google’s self-driving project is known to every car enthusiast out there while Ford has been doing it in the hiding. Now is the perfect time for both to bring in their expertise and introduce a self-driving car which is way ahead in automotive technology to bring commercial self-driven ride sharing cars to the roads. Ford will bring automotive manufacturing expertise to the table while Google’s 1.3 million miles in autonomous driving will bring important data for making the cars safe.

Doing this separately would be a daunting task for both companies and therefore this move carries a lot of weight in terms of benefit to the end-users. That said, Google is going to keep this non-exclusive partnership with Ford and their independent self-driving project will be separate from this. Both the companies declined to comment on this development for obvious reasons and in a few weeks at CES 2016 we’ll know all the details.

# KIA autonomous car

KIA Soul EV self driving car

As this story is developing, KIA is also going ahead with their dream of bringing self-driving cars to the roads. KIA and Hyundai have developed driverless technology which they tested on KIA Soul EV in Nevada. Both the companies have reportedly put-in $2 billion into this venture and they want to bring reliable self-driving cars on road by 2020.

# Tesla self-driving software

Tesla Model X

Tesla has already brought self-driving feature to its Model S for city driving and they are also coming up with new facilities to develop such cars. It is a bold move and Tesla is pretty confident of this new feature which is flawless.



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