BULLET shaped world’s smallest LED flashlight loads onto your keychain

Slughaus BULLET LED flashlight_1

Who says flashlights have to be heavy, big and battery eaters? Have a look at this small little LED flashlight aptly named as BULLET by Slughaus going great guns on Kickstarter. Slated as the world’s smallest functional flashlight, this accessory is small enough to add to your keychain or carry in your pocket without even knowing it’s there. Inspired by the design of a 9mm round, this flashlight weights just 6 grams in total. So small and lightweight, you won’t even know you are carrying it.

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized finish, this flashlight is exactly the size of a 9mm round. It produces 15 lumen of light using three LR41 Button Cell batteries and is good to take anywhere. Makers have made it a point to keep it waterproof and the LED bulb lasts for 25,000 – 100,000 hours of use. 15 lumen is not that much bright and it should be noted that the flashlight will solve only some selected purpose.

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The project is destined to be funded and for $8 a-piece this flashlight is not a bad accessory to keep with you. Just to keep you updated BULLET has achieved $12,782 of the $10,000 funding goal so far on Kickstarter.

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Slughaus BULLET LED flashlight



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