Santa’s sleigh pulled by Boston Dynamics robotic dog ‘Spot’ [w/Video]

Santa’s sleigh being pulled by Boston Dynamics robotic dog ‘Spot’

Do you remember the highly stable Spot robotic dog developed by Boston Dynamics? The same dog that stands it ground even after humiliatingly kicked by office staff as a part of testing? The robotic dog has got a new task ahead of Christmas and that is to replace Santa’s reindeer and deliver goodies to kids on a snow-laden morning. What you see in this story is Boston Dynamics vision of future Christmas as Spot and its clones pull the sleight ahead. Pretty scary and funny at the same time don’t you think?

Boston Dynamics uploaded this video to give its fans some cheering ahead of Christmas and probably show one more use for the robotic dog. Santa has been replaced by one of their staff member who is from the Far East as you can assume from her tone and speech. There is nothing more to explain here, enjoy the videos and Merry Christmas!

Via: Gizmodo



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