Tennis racket hacked to play grunting sounds while hitting hard shots

Grunting Tennis Racket

Lawn tennis as a game is one of the most gripping in sports and player’s grunting at the swing of every powerful shot is one of its charming aspect. But grunting also uses up lot of your energy and if you want to have that signature grunt while playing just for fun, this DIY will interest you. Seiya Kobayashi wanted to bring the grunting of players like Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Novan Djokovic to the tennis racket. So, he decided to make a custom tennis racket which emulated the grunt of tennis players.

The modded racket plays grunting sounds of players like Sharapova and Nadal

Hence came into existence the Grunting Racket which has the brains of Arduino Pro Mini and other components which make it an interesting sports accessory to have. Still in the prototype stage, this grunting racket uses accelerometer to determine a threshold beyond which it commands the Adafruit Audio FX Soundboard to play the recorded tone of grunt.

Effectively this funny racket makes you concentrate on your game and leave all the grunting to this racket. Seiya has given all the details on how to make the Grunting Racket and you can also follow the link for more information. Those who have very little technical know-how just sit back and enjoy some tennis action on your TV or Youtube.



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