VR 360-degree videos coming to Apple TV courtesy Littlestar

Virtual reality hardware and software is really popular with the tech savvy masses these days and Apple fans have yet another reason to feel happy. Littlestar is bringing their virtual reality app for Apple TV which promises immersive VR content and 360 videos. This app is going to give you a wide array of options to watch content from popular brands including Showtime, Disney, PBS, National Geographic and Red Bull. To view VR content using Littlestar you’ll have to use the Siri Remote’s trackpad for a 360 view field in any direction.

Disney funded Littlestar already has an app for iPhone users and bringing it to the Apple TV is going to increase their footprint even more. YouTube has already rolled out its 360-degree 3D video viewing option and now Littlestar is bringing VR content to the big screen courtesy Apple TV. The company already has a huge database of VR and 360-degree videos as it has catered to platforms such as Samsung Gear VR, Apple TV and mobile apps.

All that is now going to be accessible for you on the big screen via the Littlestar app for Apple TV. From the countless videos available on Littlestar some of the noticeable ones include a trip to Yellowstone National Park, Deserts views, Shark dive and much more. You can take a sneak peak at all of them right away on your desktop and just imagine how it would look on your Apple TV.

Source: Littlestar



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