Google Glass Enterprise Edition in flesh looks much better than its predecessor

Foldable Google Glass Enterprise Edition_1

We haven’t heard much about Google Glass in a long time and that means only one thing, they are working on a better version which will be released sooner rather than later. It was speculated that a foldable Google Glass Enterprise Edition is on the way and finally we get to see how it looks. Having some cosmetic changes like the foldable design and slightly bigger glass prism will bring portability and the leverage to see a larger picture. According to FCC documents the new model is named as GG1 and it looks like a smoothened pair of glasses with screen floating above your eye level.

Foldable Google Glass Enterprise Edition

Apart from these superficial changes, the AR glasses will have Intel processor which will make its pitch louder to businesses. The charging ports also seem to have some changes as the pogo pins have larger circles on either side. Probably, they want to make it a lot like the Apple MagSafe connector which has magnets to hold the charging cable in place.

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The interiors reveal an internal speaker and redundant bone conduction pad which means Google is going for the conventional approach for communication. Power button has been moved to the back of device and the camera light on the front of this wearable turns green when it is in use. Also there is support for 5GHz WiFi connectivity.

Speculations are that the commercially available version of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is going to have external battery pack and will be sold to businesses under Glass for Work program.

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Via: 9To5Google/ArsTechnica



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