Disney Research’s Vertigo robot climbs wall like a Spiderman

Disney Research Vertigo Robot

Robots are an integral part of the scheme of things for the future and there is no denying their superhuman capabilities. The military want them, rescue operations need them desperately and as a common man we need them to make our lives effortless. Of all that robots can do their dexterity is hindered when they encounter a wall. So, Disney research have developed Vertigo in collaboration with ETH Zurich University, a robot that can climb walls, sticking to them like a Spiderman. Vertigo robot is going to come handy for rescue and recon missions on any kind of terrain, and that’s the sole purpose of developing.

Vertigo has equal dexterity on ground as well as steep walls which comes courtesy its tiltable propellers which provide thrust to stick onto the wall like a lizard. Both these propellers apply thrust in opposing directions which keeps the robot steady and sticking to the wall. In the video above you can clearly see the dexterity of Vertigo robot on four wheels on ground and when a wall blocks its way, it simply rides it over.

The wheels and suspension are made from 3D printed parts and carbon rods while the two thrusters are mounted using two-ringed cardan suspension. The inner and outer rings move independently using the integrated servomotors. To control the robot, a human operator uses remote control.

Source: DisneyResearch Via: PCMag



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