Derby gets improved 3D printed prosthetic legs

Derby dog with improved 3d printed prosthetic legs

This is Derby, a dog born with underdeveloped legs and thanks to 3D printing he is able to walk freely since last year when he first got them on. But there were certain design flaws that made his movement restricted and also forced him to lean downwards, lower than what a husky is used to. So, 3D Systems got to work and designed a pair of improved prosthetic legs which improved on these limitations. Now, Derby is able to walk upright with 3D printed prosthetic design which keeps the pouch more comfortable.

Tara Anderson, Director of 3D Systems explains that the material of choice this time around was SLS which has the properties to closely emulate the give and take pressure of real knees. Sherry Portanova, Derby’s adopted parent says that the new prosthetic has raised the dog to its proper height. This makes him sit properly like a normal dog would do.

The upgrade turned out really well and now Derby is enjoying his prosthetic legs to the fullest. Below you can see the 3D printed prosthetic legs that he got last year and clearly this time around they are much more practical.

Derby dog 3d printed prosthetic legs

Via: Gizmodo



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