Smart Bra keeps you motivated for health and fitness goals

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We’ll be seeing a lot of fashion forward wearable tech stuff at CES 2016. And of those, most are going to be fitness and health trackers. Just before the mega tech event a Canada-based company has revealed a smart sports bra that gets the most out of your fitness routine. This bra has sensor-enabled tech fitted in the lower band which does everything from tracking heart rate and breathing rhythm to the number of calories burned during workout.

OMSignal calls this wearable as OmBra and it promises to do all the tracking you needed for your fitness routine. The cutting-edge biometric fabric gives your real time data on the connected app which keeps you motivated to burn more calories and push that extra bit.

The intuitive interface of the app presents all the data collected in goal-oriented format which gives you as the user in-depth insight of your fitness regime. Since this wearable piece of technology is in the form of body embracing bra, it needs to be comfortable and so it is.

App for this wearable also has loads of options to get notifications specific to the kind of fitness activity you are doing. For example running, weight-training or simple breathing techniques. Moreover this app also connects to Apple Health, Nike+ and Runtastic.

OMSignal Bra is going to be available in spring 2016 for an estimated price tag of $150. For more information you can sign-up with OMSignal to get early access to the wearable.

OmBra health tracking wearable

Source: OMSignal



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