Say goodbye to selfie sticks with the wearable FlexCam on your wrist

PIC FlexCam camera

Gadgets make are life easier or should I say they make us lazier. Carrying a camera around or taking out your phone to click/record a moment sounds like such a hassle. For such people selfie sticks are a good idea, but portability and again the laziness to open it up sounds like a major hassle. So why not carry a small camera with you at all times without even knowing it’s there? A flexible camera that you ca wear like a wristband and when needed, just use it to click pictures or record memorable moments. Sure, it reminds me of the Wearable Nixie drone which got so much attention worldwide.

PIC FlexCam is a good option to replace you selfie stick as you can hang it on to anything or place it at any angle on plain surface to click photos. Hook-it on to your bicycle, wrap it around your neck or simply place it on a table. This small little camera comes in a flexible body that can be twisted around in any way intended. It shoots 1080 HD videos and can store 1 hour of footage.

PIC FlexCam camera_1

Waterproof FlexCam camera managed to accumulate colossal funding on Indeigogo and now backers are keenly waiting for it to be delivered. The flexible camera is on show at CES 2016 and it does look good. You can still backup the project and get it for $79, but waiting for the retail version will add to the cost definitely.


Credit: Mashable



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