Want your 3D printed face on a Lego mini-figurine for just £25?

Create your own mini figurine

Lego mini-figurines have been so famous that they have also managed to get themselves a movie role. For a Lego fanatic mini-figurines mean a lot and collectors have been collecting them for over a decade now. The next best thing is just heading your way as you’ll be able to 3D print your own faces and create Lego minifigs. Now that is one cool proposition.

Create your own mini figurine_4

This comes courtesy Funky 3D Faces which is a small Etsy shop which promises to do the same. They do it for a price of £25 ($36 approx.) which is quite luring considering how cool it will look on your desk. The 15mm minifigure is priced at £25 and if you want 27mm or 37mm one you’ll have to pay £10 or £20 more. The process is also quite simple as you have to upload your front-facing picture on their portal and they’ll ship the mini-figurine to your door. You can also choose a specific hairstyle (from 10 options) for the minifig and show it off to friends.

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The facial recognition software converts your 2D photo into a 3D model and then 3D prints into a head that is apt for the Lego minifig’s body. Not only Lego minifigs, but the company also offers wedding cake topper, special cards and refrigerator magnets. For now we’ll concentrate on these geeky Legos and I’m sure many of you are already searching through the database of your photos.

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