Harman introduces car audio system with a detachable Bluetooth speaker

Harman Infinity Voyager Drive Bluetooth speaker system_3

Music lovers just can’t enough of music even though they listen to it 24×7. For such audiophiles Harman has introduced its latest car audio innovations at CES 2016. The one that caught my eye is the Infinity Voyager Drive Bluetooth speaker system which truly compliments your modern lifestyle. This detachable Bluetooth speaker can be plugged into the Harman dash and play music in your car. And when it is time to park your car in the garage, you can take out the speaker and play it with any Bluetooth compatible device like your smartphone.

Harman Infinity Voyager Drive Bluetooth speaker system

The detachable disk of Infinity Voyager Drive Bluetooth speaker system is known as Go speaker and when plugged into your car’s Harman audio unit it gives thumping sound. The dock also acts as a charging unit and as you listen to music in your car it charges up the Go speaker. Then it can be used anywhere you intend to in your house, beach, hiking trip or other places to listen to your favorite music on the go.

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Since it is a car audio unit, therefore Harman has made it a point to give hands-free calling feature courtesy built-in microphones. A good feature is the ability to sync music with car or home lighting for an immersive experience.

Targeted towards young audiophiles who want innovative car audio system

The audio unit is going to appeal to the younger generation and Harman wants it to be an entry level audio experience, so the pricing is going to be pretty well in limits. We’ll have more on the pricing and availability as soon as there an announcement, till then enjoy other exciting news from CES 2016 and geeky stuff.

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