Pretty looking Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker for the fashion-forward generation

Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker CES 2016_4

Fitbit has come-up with some really good fitness trackers and smartwatches in the past but they were not that good-looking. At CES 2016 that just changed as Fitbit announced Blaze fitness tracker for the geeky yet fashion-conscious audience. Fitbit Blaze is not a predecessor of the one launched last year. It has more of fitness tracking features with complimentary smartwatch features too. The wearable does not have GPS tracker and depends on connected mobile device to pull data. Heart-rate monitor checks heart beat every five second to give precise monitoring details and during workout it check every second.

Since the wearable is targeted towards the young generation, it comes with a removable module which allows you to swap from among a huge range of bands in different colors and material for the same. For example the user can go for elastomer band, leather one or stainless steel which can be bought for $30, $100 and $130. Moreover the fitness tracker looks like an upbeat smartwatch with a unique square hexagonal design.

The best feature of this wearable is its ability to automatically detect your fitness regime and do all the tracking. For example if you are working out then it sets into action and does all the fancy monitoring.

Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker CES 2016

Fitbit Blaze is compatible with Android and iOS devices and has a battery life of 5 days in one go, and that too on a colored display. That however is subject to real-life testing and we hope it goes for at-least 3-4 days on one charge.

It will come for a cool price tag of $199 and good news is that you can order it right away from their website.

Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker CES 2016_1



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