Personal Mobility Vehicle + Intelligent Robot = Segway Advanced Personal Robot

Segway Advanced Personal Robot_1

This looks like a standard Segway, but in-fact it is much more than that. At the ongoing CES 2016 Intel revealed Segway Advanced Personal Robot which is a rideable PMV and at the same time your companion robot. The cute mini robot butler based on Ninebot mini robot developed in collaboration with Xiaomi-backed robotic startup is rideable like your standard Segway at speed of 18kph to distance of 30km before requiring a recharge. When you are riding it, the robotic mode shuts-off. In the robotic mode this robot can follow you or carry stuff around in the supermarket, all this while it sees the world from its enchanting eyes.

This PMV goes at a top speed of 18kph and acts as your personal companion for lonely times

Ninebot Segway also acts as your companion when you’re alone as it communicates with you. Now, that is an interesting feature for a self-balancing scooter. Intel has realized the importance of personal robots and how the future is going to be dominated by robotic helpers. They like to call it a robot butler for the simple reason that it can be of great assistance in your household chores.

The robotic Segway uses Intel Real Sense camera technology to sense objects around in real time and move around. It is a modular robot and the arms can be detached to attach other modules for specific tasks. Segway say that they are planning on releasing it with the developer’s version coming in the second half of 2016.

Segway Advanced Personal Robot

Via: TheVerge



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