Jetpack Aviation developing 3D printed jetpack to reduce hefty price tag

Jetpack Aviation 3D printed jetpack

Jetpack Aviation has been making some major head way in the industry and inching us closer to the dream of commercialized Iron Man like personal flight. But that dream for now comes with a mind-numbing price as they released their maiden jetpack six months ago. Later on they instilled more belief in solo aerial flight when their daring chief flew around the Statue of Liberty in a jetpack. Now, they have made a major announcement of making 3D printed jetpack components in collaboration with Airwolf 3D.

This will mean a major improvement in the weight of current jetpack design and handle take-off/landing in a better way. Also this will mean carrying less fuel on-board and longer flight time. The 3D printed version of JB-10 will have a lot of components wit reduced cost, for example the jetpack tank that earlier cost $12,000 to make now only costs $400 thanks to 3D printing.

Although a fully functional prototype version of this lightweight jetpack is still in development, the 3D printed parts are on display at CES 2016. When the prototype version of this jetpack will be fully developed, the production cost is going to tumble down hugely from the colossal price tag of $150,000!

3D printed jetpack by Jetpack Aviation

3D printed jetpack by Jetpack Aviation

Jetpack Aviation 3D printed jetpack_1

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