BMW’s smart helmet with heads-up display and a rearview camera

bmw-helmet with heads up display

CES 2016 is not only about VR headsets; BMW Motorrad is also appealing to visitors at the event with its experimental, high-tech helmet. BMW helmet is equipped with a heads-up display, which is powered by a pair of replaceable batteries. The helmet with heads-up display projects all necessary information about the bike and the surroundings on the transparent screen right in front of the rider’s field of view. The display can run without a glitch for five hours on a pair of batteries.

bmw-helmet with heads up display CES 2016

Displaying all the necessary information in the field-of-vision, the rider can concentrate better on the road while riding the two-wheeler. The prototype helmet can display real-time information of bike speed and gear you’re riding in by touch of a button on the left side of the handlebar. The HUD helmet is integrated with mini-computer and speakers; it can therefore be programmed to display more advanced information including traffic warning, directions, tire pressure, fuel level and speed in real time.

bmw-helmet with heads up display-2

The helmet is expected to come with a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2v) communication system, a system, which will allow a rider to send out instant warning signals to other bikers if there is some kind of an obstacle on road.  Scheduled to launch with and heads-up display in a few years, the helmet will feature pair of cameras on the front and the back. The front camera will help record journeys while the rear camera would work as a rear-view camera from the rider.

bmw-helmet with heads up display-1

Via: BMWMotorrad



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