Swiss watchmaker creates outrageously priced Apple Watch doppelganger

H.Moser & Cie Swiss Alp Watch

While all the action is at CES 2016, a Swiss watchmaker has time to mock Apple Watch with a real mechanical watch that looks exactly like it. Yes, this is not a smartwatch, but an analog timepiece which is heavily priced at $24,000. To rub salt into the wounds, H.Moser & Cie the maker has got an Apple-styled promotional video too that has its share of pun. They call it Swiss Alp Watch and it is going to be limited to only 50 units and it makes sense too considering the mind-numbing price tag.

I mean just look how closely this one resembles the Apple Watch. We might see certain design patent issues here and if Apple lay their eyes on it, they are not going to be happy. The Swiss Alp Watch is completely handmade, has a strikingly cool dial and transparent rear so that you can see the Swiss made mechanical moment. It has hand-wound HMC324 calibre which corresponds to 100 hours of power reserve. But a $25,000 price tag for just that, it is asking for too much.

H.Moser & Cie Swiss Alp Watch_1

According to CEO Edouard Meylan:

The Swiss Alp Watch does not allow you to make calls, or send messages to share the latest gossip; it does not give you the option to send beautiful sketches you have created on a two-inch screen or to share your heart rate. It does much more than that it lets you reconnect to what matters in life. Most importantly, it is something you can pass on to your children one day without having to upgrade it!

Now, that is too melodramatic, but who’s complaining, at least the company is getting attention. However, they must watch out for Apple getting on their ass for design infringement.



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