ili wearable translator lets people of different language backgrounds converse better

ili wearable translator

Language shouldn’t be a barrier for travelers anymore! Realizing the significance for a handy and convenient language translator for globe trotters, a Japanese company Logbar has developed a wearable voice translator which works perfectly to help converse in English, Japanese and Chinese to start with. So, if you’re an English speaking traveler who’d dread traveling to China or Japan, just because you’d find it difficult to converse with the locals, the ili wearable translator will make life conveniently fun for you.

The purpose of a language translator is to make communications happen. There have been a few voice translators that made this possible; but the world’s first wearable translator – the ili wearable translator makes communication in different language convenient than ever thought possible before. The best thing about the ili is that it makes real-time translation without the need of an internet connection.

The ili wearable translator is fitted with a translation engine and a speech synthesis chipset, which work simultaneously to make voice translation possible in real-time. Using the ili is simple, just press a button on the device hanging from your neck like a pendant, speak into it in your language and the translator will reply what you have said to the person in the chosen language – so what you are saying can be understood as you speak.

Currently, the ili wearable translator that was showcased at CES 2016 can do conversation in English, Chinese and Japanese. The second version is expected to sport French, Thai and Korean, while the third version will be compatible with Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

There is no word on how the ili wearable translator will be priced, but we learn the device will be available in summer 2016, with pre-orders starting in March.

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