CES 2016: The Aging suit exoskeleton makes you feel super-old

Genworth Financial R70i exoskeleton Aging suit at CES 2016

Normally an exoskeleton would enhance your abilities, make you stronger, agile and go beyond your bodily capabilities. But at CES 2016 there is an exoskeleton completely different to what we all believe it should be. Genworth Financial’s R70i exoskeleton Aging Suit simulates how a person feels when he reaches the age of 70 or above. The exoskeleton is created by Applied Minds LLC and it actually makes you feel like an elderly person by simulating vision loss, hearing impairment, reduced mobility and arthritis.

The suit weighs 40-pound in total which in itself is a handicap and Oculus Rift VR glasses are fitted with glasses which distort view to simulate vision impairment. In conjunction with a software the AR glasses simulate cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and floaters. To enhance the effect a pair of headphones incorporate tinnitus ringing effect and noisy background to make it a menace for you to hear even the simplest of conversations.

Finally you’ll get to experience what being old feels like and that is incredible

The real deal of Aging Suit is the suit itself which provides mechanical resistance in arms, legs and hips with the help of embedded sensors. That makes walking, bending and standing up a real hassle. The makers say it still isn’t as bad as having arthritis while aging as there are no joint pains and of course the mental fatigue.

Ultimate aim of this suit is to make aware care-takers about their aging parent’s condition and maybe give them more space and love. Genworth who sell long-term-care insurance plans will tour the Aging Suit in U.S. as a part of their Aging Experience program. But this suit will surely make many feel the experience that senior citizens go through and many will change their perspective about how to treat them.

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