CES 2016: 3D printed personalized urn ensures you’ll be remembered in style

Foreverence 3D printed urn at CES 2016

Year will pass by and so will many CES convention before its time to finally say goodbye to this world. Ok, that sounded melodramatic but that’s the truth. So why not be remembered in style and get yourself an urn which reflects you love for something special. Foreverence is a company that believes you deserve a personalized urn and that is the reason why they are 3D printing such urns. Showcased at CES 2016, the company displayed one of the many ways in which your ashes will be preserves for loved ones to preserve.

Foreverence 3D printed urn at CES 2016_1

These 3D printed urns are a much needed detour from the antique-styled vase or ornate wooden box. An urn which truly reflects who you are and your love for something special. The company showed-off some of their 3D printed urns completely personalized to the user’s needs. For example a Space Shuttle shaped urn was made for a former NASA engineer or a retro race car for a motorsports fanatic who was laid to rest.

Foreverence says they can 3D print an urn in 10-15 hours in full color mode and it will come at a price of $2,500 or more. Quite a steep price for an urn, but at-least you’ll be remembered for the uniqueness.

Foreverence 3D printed urn at CES 2016_2

Credit: TheVerge



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