CES 2016: Get yourself 3D printed as a cool toy or superhero mini-figure

3D printed minifigure at CES 2016

Mini-figures and 3D printed replicas of yourself sound so exciting. This is the new craze and everybody wants to have a small toy replicating them into a superhero or remembering a special moment in time. A few days ago we saw the cool way to turn yourself into a Lego mini-figurine and now we have two more amazing ways in which you can get your 3D printed as toys. At CES 2016 two different companies showcased how you can turn yourself into a superhero mini-figure or simply have your own self depicted in a toy like form.

# 3D Plus Me

3D printed minifigure at CES 2016_1

At CES 2016 3D Plus Me revealed its collection of custom figures which take the characters of your face and the body of a superhero including Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Jedi, Iron Man and many more. They call it as the Super Awesome Me lineup of mini-figurines and to get one for yourself you’ll have to purchase it through Kiosks at participating retailers.


You’ll have to get your face scanned at the Kiosk and make your choice of hair and the figure. After making the payment your 3D printed superhero figure will be delivered at home. It will cost your around $60 USD to get the 3D printed superhero mini-figure and you can learn more by jumping to their website.

# Shapify

3D printed minifigure at CES 2016_3

Another way to make a cool mini-figure of yourself is getting yourself replicated in 3D printed selfies that look like frozen in time. 3D printing company Shapify demonstrated their cool mini-figures at CES 2016 known as Shapie. All you have to do is stand in your intend style at the Shapify booth and a scanner takes 12 seconds to access all the data to later create a 15cm tall 3D printed mini-figure of you.

3D printed minifigure at CES 2016_4

The job will cost you $219 USD which is a tad on the higher side but you’ll have something to remember for the rest of your life. Plus you’ll get a free preview of the Shapie via email and you can show it off on socials networks. You can also go for the $40 ready to print Shapies from the website.

Via: IGN/Gadgets/BGR



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