Apple likely working on wireless earbuds to debut with iPhone 7

Apple wireless earbuds demo image

CES 2016 was flooded with headphone/earphones – and wireless earbuds, including the Hush Smart Earbuds, were the bug crowd pullers. Apple does not attend Consumer Electronics Show, but that doesn’t stop the Cupertino giant from creating excitement at the event. This time the rumor mill has it that Apple is working on a pair of wireless earbus with Beats Electronics (it’s the same audio devices company Apple bought a couple of years back). The truly wireless earphones will have no wire to connect the two earbuds and should debut alongside the iPhone 7.

According to a report on 9to5Mac, the Apple earphones will feature noise cancelling microphones system. The earphone will allow users to interact with Siri and the iPhone wirelessly and will be charged when placed inside its charging/carrying case.

Interestingly, the wireless earphones will be sold separately means they will not come bundled with the iPhone 7. Rumors have it that Apple is getting rid of the headphone jack, so there’s no prize for guessing that this pair of earphone will come with Lightning Connector, though there is no confirmation anything like this just yet.



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