Wooden X-Wing Starfighter is all for the love of Star Wars

Wooden X-Wing Starfighter

Carl Jacobson made an impressive Millennium Falcon from wood with quite a lot of effort and skill put into it. Now, the woodworking expert is back with yet another creation of his which is equally impressive. A meticulously crafted X-Wing Starfighter made from maple burl wood and walnut wood. The woodworking pro has a tenacity for making Star Wars replicas and this one is also crafted to maximum precision.

Making the Wooden X-Wing Starfighter is a bit easier than the Millennium Falcon due to the intricate details, but in no way does it take second place on the shelf. There is a small R2D2 that sits on top of this wooden Starfighter and Carl explains the whole process of making one yourself. If woodworking is not your skill, you are better off watching it in the video and pictures though.

Wooden X-Wing Starfighter_1



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