Alton Towers Galactica roller-coaster takes you on virtual reality space ride

Alton Towers Galactica rollercoaster

Space travel has always fascinated us and knowing what’s beyond our solar system is even more of a curiosity. Astronauts get the exclusive chance of space travel and experience a whole different dimension of life. Now, Alton Towers gives you the opportunity to buckle up your seats and go on a galactic ride to the vastness of this universe. They have revealed the world’s first virtual reality roller-coaster which gives you an unparalleled ride into the cosmos. The rollercoaster called Galactica is going to be opened in April and it is going to be the world’s first of its kind.

Galactica rollercoaster will emulate the G forces of a rocket launch and set you on course for the most enthralling ride of your life, travelling through space like never before. Since it is a rollercoaster, there are twists, turns and loops which recreates the sensation of moving through space. The virtual reality roller coaster ride will be done on an 840-meter long track and riders will have to sit in a prone position. Everyone on-board will be wearing VR headset and the whole experience will feel almost real for a duration of 2 minutes.

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You’ll go past wormholes, stars and undiscovered galaxies at a speed of 75 km/h which is a unique experience you won’t have anywhere else. Combining a rollercoaster and virtual reality will bring forth a ride that space fanatics will want to have in their lifetime, and Galactica provides them with it. The rollercoaster will take 28 people on a ride which makes them go through 3.5 G’s. The ride is going to be located in the Forbidden Valley area of the Alton Towers theme park.


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