Drone Catcher is the town’s Spider-man for catching rouge drones

Drone Catcher by Michigan Technological University

Drones have been a bit of headache for authorities and for this purpose some sensitive areas have been marked as restricted for drones. But that doesn’t stop notorious drone owners to fly their machines in placed not intended for them. This has prompted Rastgaar, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Michigan Technological University to make a drone catcher which is like superhero of the town saving you from the drone menace.

The Drone Catcher itself is a drone which shoots a 12 meter net attached to the UAV by a string, and once the tarnished drone is captured the culprit UAV is taken to a safe location. The string and the drone is controlled by a human-assistant on ground and for precise shooting one person controls the drone while other one controls the shooting string.

Drone Catcher stops a dangerous drone from flying and takes it to a safe location

This method of capturing drone comes very handy when safety is a major concern and you don’t want a dangerous drone loaded with explosives wandering into secure areas without permission. The drone demonstrated by MTU is proof-of-concept and we’ll soon see a better version coming.

Drones becoming a headache for authorities and individuals has been a lingering problem and some means of controlling rouge drones like the Drone Munition or DroneDefender have been there. But these methods have their short-comings and the Drone Catcher wants to improve on them and have a commercially viable solution to the problem.

Rastgaar believes:

What makes this unique is that the net is attached to our catcher, so you can retrieve the rogue drone or drop it in a designated, secure area. It’s like robotic falconry. The FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] has just announced that drones must be registered, and we think the catcher could help enforce the law by catching unregistered drones.

Via: TheGuardian



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