NUA Robotics suitcase follows you in a busy airport to save the hassle

NUA Robotics smart suitcase_1

There have been a lot of smart suitcase designs around and most of them are smartphone-connected. Some are even smart enough to follow you around in the airport or notify when you’ve lost it somewhere in a busy transit. The NUA Robotics suitcase is upping the bar for suitcase technology and is more practical on all the others so far. This smart suitcase developed by Israel-based NUA Robotics is currently in prototype stage and they are looking to tie-up with a premium suitcase maker to bring it to the masses.

NUA Robotics suitcase is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the in-built camera and sensors enable it to follow you. The camera and sensors make sure that it doesn’t bump into To ensure that someone is not looking to ambush this robotic suitcase when you are busy chatting on your phone, there is anti-theft alarm. It also charges your gadgets on the go, so you are never out of juice.

This smart luggage tech will come handy for elderly, disabled and people who are unable to carry load or have a knack of losing their luggage in airports. The option of fitting smart luggage tech to your normal luggage can also not be counted out as NUA Robotics may release it as a stand-alone kit which weighs just 2.5 pounds. Yes, that is the total weight of the smart sensors and camera that are fitted in this smart luggage.

NUA Robotics smart suitcase



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