Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 glasses assist hand-free operation in industries

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At the Wearable Expo in Tokyo, Toshiba revealed wearable glass for commercial use, and they call it Wearvue TG-1. An improvement on the Toshiba Glass released at CEATEC 2014, this wearable displays information to the viewer from a connected Windows PC. This device is majorly targeted towards corporate customers where employees don’t have to bring a manual to carry on their task by getting a projection of text on their display screen of the wearable glasses. The end result is increased productivity, less hassle for workers and more accuracy in the tasks they perform.

Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 glass

Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 is lightweight enough to wear for long duration of time weighing just 50 g in total. The position of displayed image can be adjusted according to user’s need and this means less strain on the eyes. It has monocular optical see-through virtual image system with a display resolution of 1280×720 having 18-bit 26 million colors.

To make this wearable glass work with your intended industry application you’ll need to download the free SDK from the product website and tweak it for your use. The software will have to be compatible with Windows 8.1 (DirectX 11) version.

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Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 is going to appeal to a range of manufacturing, medical and other industries where the workers have to go through a lot of data and manuals in their daily jobs. The wearable glass is scheduled for shipment by February 29 and you can pre-order them for ¥ 216,000 from Amazon.

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