True Wearables develops Oxxiom, first fully disposable, wireless pulse oximeter

OXXIOM pulse oximeter-2

Doctors and medics require monitoring your oxygen blood levels and cardiorespiratory status to keep you safe from fatal conditions such as heart attack, anemia or COPD.  While pulse oximetry is an easy, non-invasive monitoring system that keeps track of oxygen saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index (PI); True Wearables, a medical device start-up in California has developed Oxxiom – world’s first wireless, and completely disposable pulse oximeter.

OXXIOM pulse oximeter

The all new portable pulse oximeter, Oxxiom combines electronics and bio sensors in a clinical grade, highly portable and easy-to-use wireless device. The Oxxiom is so small that it weighs only 0.12 ounces (3.5 grams) yet offers 24 hours of continuous monitoring. Being completely disposable and single use, Oxxiom eliminates the need for any kind of sterilization.

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Oxxiom can be used irrespective of the patient’s position or location – it can be used without hassle while sleeping, exercising, washing hands or even while taking a shower. With 30 feet range, $123 Oxxiom can connect with smartphone, tablet or computer and works sans batteries.

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