Apple to introduce automatic display color changing Night Shift feature with iOS 9.3

Apple Night Shift iOS 9.3

Third party app f.lux has offered the facility to automatically adjust colors on the iOS devices, now to make it more native, Apple is slated to launch Night Shift feature that’ll let you automatically change color temperature of your iOS device’s display. Using the phone at night has been scientifically linked to deprived and uncomfortable sleep due to light strain; with the launch of iOS 9.3 Apple wants you to have the most comfortable experience using their device even after a tired day. Night Shift will use your iPhone’s location and clock to automatically adjust the colors of the display for you. It will automatically make the display colors warmer and easier on your eyes at night.

The bright blue light emitted by your device’s display makes it harder to sleep, Apple believes the Night Shift will make a difference – it will make sleeping a lot more comfortable and easier.

Night Shift feature will roll out with the forthcoming iOS 9.3 update. It works both automatically and manually. Enabling it is very simple, just like you would adjust the brightness level.  Go to Settings —> Display & Brightness, scroll to Blue Light Reduction and manually adjust on the menu from cooler to warmer temperature. This can be automated by enabling it’s Sunset to Sunrise mode.

The feature is still in beta, so we expect there are going to be changes before it rolls out with the new OS update.

Via: Mashable



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