Camera stabilizer harness means non-stop videography sans any fatigue

Camera Stabilizer harness

For those into amateur filmmaking and video shooting, camera stabilizer is an accessory that takes a lot of load off the mind by stabilizing the shots. But carrying a camera stabilizer for a long time results in fatigue of arms which consequently results in not the kind of videography you would want to do. For such times you need a harness to stabilizer your accessory and focus on the task at hand. This camera stabilizer harness for the body ensures long duration of shooting without getting tired or waving around the camera stabilizer itself for a very long time.

The accessory also ensures that you go hands-free for other tasks like holding a camera reflector or other things. This body harness supports camera stabilizer of any weight or make which is a good thing as there is a wide range of camera stabilizers in the market. It comes from Thanko, the maker of weird but practically useful products and that we have seen so many times in the past.

The camera stabilizer harness kit comes in a shoulder belt which is connected to a belt for the hips. For your convenience Thanko has come-up with a complete kit which will cost you around 49,800 Yen (approx. $424).

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