DIGNO rafre is the world’s first soap washable smartphone

DIGNO rafre Washable smartphone_2

We all use smartphones for an endless number of activities all day, and it does get really dirty. We wash our hands after a long day’s work, but can we do that to our smartphone? Of course the device needs to be clean as most of the bacteria breed on glass surface and can survive there for a long time. But that is a silly question as we are taking about an electronic gadget which is not made for washing. Kyocera Corporation has changed that with the announcement of world’s first hand soap washable DIGNO rafre smartphone.

DIGNO rafre Washable smartphone

The Android-powered 5-inch screen phone is completely waterproof and not even foaming soap water which has very low surface tension can seep into the device. What more, it can also take the odd splash of hot water and survive like nothing has happened. Does that mean you can take it to your bath tub and enjoy the videos while you relax? Absolutely you can do that!

Apart from its robust waterproofing capabilities it is a nice device to own with its respectable hardware. DIGNO rafre is powered by Snapdragon 410 processor, 2GB RAM and has 16GB storage which is expandable to 128GB with a microSD card. The rear camera is 13MP and front one is 2MP. Battery capacity is also good with 3000mAh under the hood.

DIGNO rafre is priced at ¥57,420 which comes out to be approximately $470. The phone is available in Japan for now and availability in other markets is not yet announced.

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