Globe creates world’s first skateboard with built-in Bluetooth speaker


Whether it’s a pair of skating shoes or a pair of earphones for skating; designers attempt to make them really comfortable and cushy. Still, when you attempt an ollie, there’s a fair chance the earphones fall off. To let you enjoy your favorite tacks to the fullest while skateboarding, Australian footwear and skateboard designer Globe International in collaboration with Boombotix has created a pair of skateboards with built-in speakers. Giving riders freedom from earphones, the skateboards – GLB-GSB Blazer 26″ and GLB-GSB Pinner Complete 41.25″ create an ultimate soundtrack for your ride.

The skateboards made from hard maple, come integrated with a 50mm driver and a passive radiator which allow riders to feel bass under their feet. The speakers system is enclosed in a ruggedized compartment, which is completely impact and water resistant.

Globe skateboard with built-in speaker

The skateboards’ speaker is chargeable via USB and can play music from any Bluetooth enabled device.  The speaker takes almost three hours to charge completely and can playback over two hours of music of full volume. Decreasing the volume to 70 percent can give you 6 hours of playback.

GLB-GSB Blazer 26″ is priced at $249.95, while GLB-GSB Pinner Complete 41.25″ costs $299.95.

Globe skateboard with built-in speaker-1 Globe-skateboard-with-built-in-speaker-1





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