Samsung could soon be supplying OLED display to Apple

samsung-oled-panels for apple

Apple is reported ditching LCD display on its devices for a more efficient OLED display by 2018. For quite some time there have been rumors that Apple could be introducing OLED displays to iPhones in the coming years, and the rumors have gotten some confirmation with Korea’s ET News revealing that Samsung and Apple are gearing up for some kind of a contract, which would make Samsung the primary OLED display panels supplier for the Cupertino tech giant.

Samsung is reportedly planning an initial investment of anywhere between $2.49B and $3.32B for equipment and plant, which could rise up to $7.4B depending on orders the Korean tech company receives.

Apple already uses OLED displays in the Apple Watch, and it is reported that the tech giant has closed an agreement with OLED suppliers recently, which mentions Samsung and LG as the most prospective options.

The switch from LCD to OLED displays would mean more vivid colors, thinner panels and more power efficient iPhones and iPads.

Via: 9to5Mac



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