Hoverboard caught exploding live on video

Hoverboard burst into fire

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters if we may, are selling dime a dozen these days. From children to adults, everyone just wants to be onboard one of these hottest toys of 2015. But there have been reports coming in since last year where some hoverboards have exploded in use – 2016 seems no different. A British vlogger and YouTuber Stephen Leenott filmed how dangerous inexpensive hoverboards can be. The YouTuber captured a video of a newly bought hoverboard that exploded into flames minutes after he first got on it.

Hoverboard shouldn’t be charged overnight; accidentally, Stephen overlooked the caution and charged his newly purchased hoverboard overnight. But in the morning when he attempted his maiden ride, the hoverboard bought from eBay suddenly bursted into flames. Stephen had to later douse device in water to put off the fire.

Though, the exact reason for the fire has not been found, it is believed that since hoverboards are powered by large lithium ion batteries which tend to overheat and explode in rare conditions, this could just be the reason.



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