WingBoard could let you fly amid clouds while being pulled by a plane

wingboard by Aaron Wypyszynski of Wyp Aviation

You can go wakeboarding or snowboarding anytime you want, but sadly there is no way to truly fly amid the clouds behind an aircraft. Drawing inspiration from a Wingboard showed in Talespin cartoon where an animated bear naked Kit Cloudkicker jumped onboard a wingboard to ride through the clouds behind an airborne plane; flight test engineer Aaron Wypyszynski, has designed a real-life WingBoard that would one day allow you and me to surf across the sky, while being pulled along by a plane.  

Aaron Wypyszynski, founder of Wyp Aviation describes,

The WingBoard is like a wakeboard, but instead of slicing through waves behind a boat, you’re being towed by a plane, carving through clouds.

Sounds like a daredevil stun, but it’s for real and surfboard-shaped craft designed for wingboarding has been successfully test with a human-like dummy on board. The WingBoard provides the rider a very stable surfboard-style platform that carries the rider through the air in upright position. Check out the testing in video below.

The WakeBoard works with a system of cables, one end tied to the plane and the other to the WakeBoard and the rider. The board remains stable and withstands the weight of the human-like figure onboard.  WakeBoard is fitted with wheels at the bottom, which allow it to roll behind the plane before takeoff and both rider and the board have a parachute to get back safely to the ground.

To make wingboarding a reality with WingBoard, Aaron is currently raising funds to complete the first prototype.

wingboard by Aaron Wypyszynski of Wyp Aviation-1

Via: CNN/OddityCentral



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