Sherman’s a cute little robot table clock by MB&F

Sherman Robot table clock MB&F-1

Robots aren’t generally meant to sit on your desk. But then, when has MB&F engineered something that can be related to all things cliché. Known for his timepieces that look so much out of this world, MB&F has combined with Switzerland’s most specialized high-end clock manufacturer L’Epée 1839, to develop Sherman, a cute little mechanical robot that tells you time with utmost precision. Employing L’Epée 1839 in-line eight-day movement for its mechanical functioning, Sherman can display absolutely correct time for over a week before requiring rewinding.

Sherman, who is basically a friendly robot table clock with tank-treads, has arms that can be moved any which way, while hands can be used to hold small items that’d otherwise lay unattended on the desk.

Sherman shoulder make for the clocks spacers, his eyes for bolt heads for regulators and the mainspring barrel bridge of the clock runs down through his body down to the tracks. The bridges and movement plates of the clock make for the robots main frame, and it feature a transparent dome-like head, which reveals the mechanics inside the brain.

Sherman Robot table clock MB&F

Sherman is cute but lazy, it does not walk but with some help it can roll few spaces on its tank-treads.

Like all the other timepiece creations from MB&F, the amazing robot table clock will be launched in limited edition. Only ‘200 palladium pieces (plated), 200 gilded pieces (gold-plated) and 50 diamond-set gilded pieces’ will be made.

Credit: MB&F



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