Rugged drone takes on the inaccessible crevasses of Swiss Alps

Flyability search and rescue drone

Drones have to go through chalk and cheese when we consider they are completely controlled by their masters. To places where humans venturing out is far too dangerous. For example search and rescue missions which can mean the difference between life and death. Flyability SA, the developer of collision-resistant drones demonstrated the ability of their rugged drone by flying it through dangerous ice caves that were earlier inaccessible to humans or other robotics technologies. They partnered with rescue team of the Zermatt Glacier in Swiss Alps to explore crevasses at an altitude of 3500 meters with their element-proof UAVs.

The drone takes a lot of pounding but makes it out unharmed

As you can see from the video, the crevasses look terrifying and the spherical drone protected by freely rotating protective cage does take a lot of beating as it smashes to the cold hard ice walls. You might think that the drone operator does a pretty awful job of navigating the drone in crevasses, but the team deliberately used an untrained person to drive the thing. A rescuer from the team perhaps, to demonstrate the ability of this drone to function without a hitch in any kind of pressure situations.

The drone was equipped with a full HD camera and powerful lighting system which made it a bit easy to see ahead in the dark uninhibited caves. This showed its ability to be an important assistant in search and rescue operations in such extreme conditions. The Zermatt rescue team liked the performance of this drone and most probably they will add it to their fleet of search and rescue tools.

Via: PressRelease



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