Nadi Smart Fitness Pants act as your personal yoga instructor

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Yoga is a great way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul when done with proper technique. Doing it under the close eye of a yoga instructor is all good, but when you want to practice yoga postures at home there is no one to correct your posture in case it is wrong. Wearable Experiments is here to help you in correcting yoga postures and reap maximum benefit from your fitness routine. They have released Nadi Smart Fitness Pants which are loaded with electronic sensors to give you haptic feedback via vibrations to achieve the correct posture. In effect, these skin embracing pants are your virtual yoga guru guiding you towards the right way to achieve yogic bliss.

Nadi Smart Fitness Pants

The interesting thing about Nadi Smart Fitness Pants is the sound of ‘Om’ that they emit whenever the yogi achieves a difficult yoga pose. Vibrations generated by the pants are very subtle and don’t disrupt the meditative state in any way. These pants ensure that you are not concentrating too much on watching the yoga posture on your TV screen or following voice instructions, thereby keeping you in a state of trance.

These sensor embedded pants will only last for 25 washes before you need to buy a new pair. That is kind of impractical and unless the price is competitive, the company will find it hard to market them to prospect audience. The price is not yet revealed and it will only be clear when Nadi Smart Fitness Pants will be up for pre-order in May 2016.

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