Self-driving stroller keeps your baby safe and cozy

Smartbe Intelligent Stroller

Baby strollers haven’t changed much since their inception and pushing them around for a long time can be tiring at times. Keeping this in mind, an Indiegogo project wants to end all the pushing and pulling of baby strollers and turn them into self-propelling ones. This is Smartbe Intelligent Stroller developed by a New York startup that is right in the category of self-driving wheels. The stroller is driven by an electric motor which drives it equally well in sloping roads and gives the caretaker a breather.

Smartbe Stroller is embedded with in-built sensors which help keep a constant safe distance between the caregiver and the stroller itself. That means you can go hand-free for other tasks like carrying groceries or jogging to keep fit. Unlike any other normal baby stroller this one comes with a bottle warmer, automatic rocker, temperature controlled bassinet and music player to keep your baby comfortable in his temporary haven.

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Keeping safety in mind, the stroller comes with a physical stop cord that is similar to the ones found in treadmills. There is a night light mode which signals the stroller’s location to avoid any confusion in the dark. The stroller has internal and external cameras to monitor the resting baby without disturbing.

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To prevent any chances of theft, the stroller’s wheels can only be unlocked by the authorized personnel and sends alert when the stroller is moved. On one charge the stroller goes for 5-6 hours and you can charge your gadgets too with it.

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The self-propelling version will cost a hefty $2,750 and the ones with no such feature will cost from $399-$1,099. That is quite a lot to ask for in a stroller and I wonder how many people will be willing to pay that much money.



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