Dad makes Star Trek: TOS Enterprise bridge playset for his son

Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Playset_1

Father-son relationships have always been special and we have seen many examples of creative dads going to the next level and gifting their son with something made from their own hands. That is the charm of a DIY that has emotional quotient attached to it. This DIY is in the same league, as David Weiberg made this super-awesome Star Trek: TOS Enterprise bridge playset for his 8-year old son. The idea for making a playable Star Trek bridge playset came to David’s mind when he found old Star Trek TOS playmates figures.

David gave the playmate figures to his and it occurred to him that accompanying a homemade Star Trek: TOS Enterprise would make his son so happy. So he ventured out on making one out of wooden pieces as his son was making temporary cardboard pieces to create his own play world. David made a modular play set that could be combined in various configurations and his son just loved it. There are various rooms aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise and he made it a point to make it of a size in proportion of the playmate figures.

Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Playset_3

The playset looks amazing and David made it a point to include the intricate details like captain’s chair, consoles, main view screen, graphics and of course the playtime figures. He has posted all the details on how to make it on Instructables and you can follow it right away.

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