3D printed Apple Watch charging station replicates a Classic Macintosh PC

Mac 3d printed Apple Watch charging station_10

The classic Macintosh is one computer a lot of us will remember for a long for its nostalgic memories connected to Apple. Fast forward to 2015 and Apple Watch is the new trend in what we call as wearable technology. Combining these two seems a bit too much to ask for, but Erich Styger is here to make that a living reality. He has created a 3D printed Apple Watch stand that looks exactly like the classic Macintosh computer, and for a nerd it is nothing less than bliss. Taking design inspiration from an existing model of Mac PC styled Apple Watch stand on Thingiverse, Erich 3D printed the charging case with appropriate slot to put the Apple Watch sideways.

Compared to other Apple Watch charging docks it is eye-catchy and desirable

When the smartwatch is charging it displays time and charging status in cool green color on the watch itself. The charging station has two sections: the inner one holding the charger and the outer shell which looks like the Classic Mac. You can see the nostalgic floppy disc slot which looks very prominent on the dock, and it brings back very pleasant memories, at-least for me.

Mac 3d printed Apple Watch charging station

For now it is a one off creation and Erich has posted no details on how you can buy one. So, it is safe to assume that he’ll not be making any more of these. Thankfully, Etsy user Charles Mangin is selling a very similar looking Apple Watch charger stand for $50 and you can buy it right away. There is no information it is 3D printed, but the design looks very similar to the one adopted by Erich from Thingiverse.

Mac 3d printed Apple Watch charging station_1

Via: CultofMac



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